Welcome To Sigma Cipta Utama

no imagePT Sigma Cipta Utama (SCU) which is a subsidiary of PT Elnusa Tbk (subsidiary of Pertamina) has been established since  April 8, 1980.  The business enterprise began with data management in the oil and gas industry. Consistent with the policy of the Holding Company Elnusa, SCU was appointed as the only sole subsidiary in charge of Data Management in Elnusa Group, since November 2007 PT Elnusa Telematika experienced in the field of telematics (since 1984) and PT Elnusa Rentrakom experienced in the field of telecommunications (since 1997), merged with the SCU to strengthen and complement the competencies and business enterprises in the areas of  Data Management Services.

In the effort to embody the vision and mission of the company, where SCU intends to "Become a partner of the most reliable and trusted in the business of Integrated Asset Data Management particularly in the energy industry with the support of leading-edge ICT technology", the mission is to "Provide superior services in data management in a secure, accurate and quick way to deliver sustainable benefits and added value for our stake-holders", then the company implements professional performance culture to all employees with emphasis on customer satisfaction.

With the support of competent and skilled personnels and constantly upgrade it’s technology, advanced operating facilities utilize modern technology, the implementation of the operating system based on theinternational standard ISO 9001:2008 as Quality Improvement Policy with safe and comfortable work environment that fits industry standard HSSE, SCU is currently ready to be a reliable and trusted partner to support the business customers in the field of Data Management Services.